Pre-Paid Buys

New with Liberty REACT, Pre-Paid Buys allow you to either pay a client Cash or give Non-Payable Store Credit for a batch of inventory you do not have time to input right away.

This system also allows you to keep track of Pre-Paid Buys across multiple accounts, no matter where they are in the process.

Here is the video that covers this content:

How To Add A Pre-Paid Buy

The general process is as follows:

1.Create A New Pre-Paid Buy

2.Specify the amount you would like to give the client for their batch of items, upfront.

3.Specify whether you want to give them Cash or Non-Payable Store Credit (Trade) that can only be used to purchase items in the Point of Sale

4.Pay out the client if Cash is selected (can be done at a later time)

5.Input the inventory for the Pre-Paid Buy when convenient.

6.Process the inventory for the Pre-Paid Buy so that it can then be sold in the Point of Sale.

This distributes the cost/net across all items added to the Pre-Paid Buy based on the amount you typed in for the total transaction payment and the price of the items.

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