PayPal Portal Setup

In order to set up ResaleWallet, you must log into your account through the developer portal and enable payouts functionality. You will also need to get some required information that you will paste into a specific area within Liberty REACT.

Here is the corresponding Video for this article for step by step instructions:

How to Setup ResaleWallet With The Liberty REACT Consignment Software Video

1.Open your internet browser and navigate to the following link:

2.Click on the Log in to Dashboard button.

3.Log in using your PayPal credentials.

4.Click on your profile name on the top right corner and click My Account.

5.Scroll down till you see an option for Payouts and then click Enableā€¦

Note: In some cases it might take some time for PayPal to approve your account before you can use this Payouts feature.

6.Over to the left menu, click on My Apps & Credentials.

7.Make sure to select the Live option then click the Create App button.

8.Type in ResaleWallet for the App Name then click Create App.

9.Scroll down to the LIVE APP SETTINGS area and uncheck everything except for Payouts then click the Save button.

10.You will get a prompt about turning off a capability in your app, click the continue button.

11.Copy the Client ID somewhere where you can paste it into Liberty REACT from later.  Click the Show button under Secret and then copy the Secret as well.

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