Totals Area of An Order

Add a new order or edit an existing order by double clicking on one from the Orders tab to see the Maintain Order screen for an order.

‚óŹThe totals section reflects what makes up the dollar amounts in the order and shows what is still due.

1.Sub-Total: This is the total for the order, before Tax.

2.Total Tax: This is the total tax due for the order.

3.Total Due: This is what is still due for the order before or after all the payments have been added.  If all the payments have been added, the Total Due will read $0.00.

4.Taxable: This indicates whether the order is taxable or not.

5.Status: This allows you to change the status of the order. Selections include Unpaid Orders, Paid Orders, Shipped Orders or Completed Orders. Any custom statuses you have created will also appear here.

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