Shopify In Place Of A Closed Store

With Liberty REACT, Items that are entered into your system or that already exist can very easily be set to create a listing on Shopify.

All you need are images attached to your item and a few settings touched in Liberty.

It is also surprisingly easy to set up a Shopify site.

Resaleworld, as a Shopify partner, can create a development site for you at no cost (no up-front cost, no monthly fees for either the integration or Shopify service until you're ready to launch the website).

A temporary reduction in foot traffic frees up some labor to photograph items.

Please contact the Resaleworld sales department at 1-800-785-4800 if you are interested in more information on listing your items to Shopify

You can view the following topics to get an idea of how simple the process really is.


Russell Levy \ Senior Product Manager

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