Wish List Overview

The Wish List is a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Use the Wish List to keep a list of items requested by customers that are not currently in inventory.

The Wish List is also used to find the account number and item number for an item with no price tag.

To make Wish List matches, Liberty compares Wish List requests with inventory in stock. Where matches are made, the customers' names, addresses and phone numbers are listed, with a list of the requested items next to the matched items.

There are several ways to see what matches are currently available.

To View Wish List Matches

1.Run a Cross Reference Report.

2.View Wish List Matches while adding items.

3.View matches while adding the item(s) to the Wish List.

To Make The Wish List Effective

A very important concept to understand when using a computer to search for items such as with the Wish List is that computers are not capable of realizing that G, GR, GRN and GREN and GREEN may all mean the same thing.

If you intend to use the Wish List routine, consistency is critical. Computers only search and find items if the items searched for conform precisely to the parameters specified. This is why Liberty uses Categories, Product Lines, Tax Codes and Attributes: to create consistency.

To Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Wish List

Use Categories, Attributes, and Brands when entering items.

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