Using Third Party Backup Software

Warning! The database engine cannot be running when a backup is performed.  The backed up copy of your database may become corrupt if SQL is running in the background.

Many of our customers have professional computer technicians come in to help setup automated backups, off-site backups or setup their own backup system. Typically this requires some sort of third party backup software or some sort of scan of the entire hard drive which copies all contents to a backup location.

Liberty uses an SQL Database therein lies the challenge because it is NOT possible to simply copy and paste an active SQL database from one location to another. If you use a standard automated backup program, it will only copy over files, programs, etc., but will not be able to copy the SQL database.

If you are going to have an automated backup routine setup, make sure your technician understands how to work with SQL and databases in general.

To alleviate all worries associated with backing up your data, we recommend that stores sign up for Liberty Cloud or Extended Support.  These services allow us to handle backing up your database to our off-site location at night.  Please contact customer service at 1-800-785-4800 for more information.

Files to Backup

Warning! The backup and restore routines built into Liberty are designed to handle the fact that the data files are attached to the program via the SQL Engine.

Because of this, restoring a non-Liberty backup will likely require obtaining help from both the Resaleworld technical support department and the manufacturer of the Backup/Restore software used.

Assistance with third party backup solutions is not included in Resaleworld's technical support programs. Separate, additional charges will be billed for assistance provided in this area.

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