What Causes the Need to Backup

Why is it so important to keep extra copies of the information contained within your computer by backing up? Here is a list of  events that could possibly cause a catastrophic loss of information.

Mechanical Failure : Like all other man-made, mechanical objects, computers don't last forever. They all eventually fail, some sooner than others. Sometimes when they fail the data can be recovered only at a cost of over a thousand dollars. Other times the data simply cannot be recovered, no matter what is done or how much money is spent. When this happens, you can be in serious trouble.

Human Error : Computers, especially when they are running, are fragile. Serious damage can result from simply moving a computer while it is running and not being extremely careful not to bump it into anything.

More Human Error : Another scenario involves someone working with your computer system and accidentally erasing files or modifying files in such a way as to bring the system to a screeching halt. If it happens to programmers (and it does - frequently!), it can certainly happen to you, an employee, a trusted friend, or a hired consultant.

Electric Power Failure : If your power fails at the wrong time, certain files may become corrupted. While the majority of the information in the computer should not be affected, you never know.

Bad Electric Power : Electricity is the lifeblood of all computers, yet electric power is not always consistent, uniform, or unpolluted. Power coming into your place of business can be unregulated. It can surge (an overload of energy causing damage) or dip (A lack of energy causing electronics to not work properly) and can cause damage to your machines and data.

Note: To guard against electrical problems, we highly recommend purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS filters the power before your computer receives it, (similar to filtering dirty water for human consumption). It also keeps the system going during electrical brownouts and blackouts. Using a UPS helps  your computer to will last longer and give more consistent service with far fewer problems. If you live in an area with a lot of lightning (including the plains states, gulf coast, southeast U.S. and especially Florida) a UPS is simply mandatory.

Theft :  Yes, it could happen to you. Maybe it already has. Of course, insurance will cover the cost of a new computer system. Unfortunately nobody can replace the data contained in your system unless you have a reliable backup of your system.

Fire : Just like theft, it could happen. Probably it won't ever happen, and if it does, insurance should cover replacing the computer (among other things). Unfortunately nobody can replace the data contained in your system unless you have a reliable backup of your system.

If you backup your system regularly you will actually be in a much safer position than you are currently. Backing up creates peace of mind knowing if a failure happens, you have something to fall back on.

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended using removable media such as flash drives or external hard drives to do you backups on. Furthermore, if using a flash drive, it is recommended to use multiple flash drives and rotating them out each day. Flash drives are known to fail after prolonged use and it’s good to have a backup to your backup!

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