Storefront Settings

Controls behavior for item uploads, automatic markdowns, displaying eBay items, and the default marketplace for new items with the Web Item option checked.

Before Uploading Items…

Require at least one Image - When checked, prevents items without an image from being listed.

Require Shipping Weight - When checked, prevents items without a value entered for Shipping Weight from being listed.


Use Automatic Markdowns in Storefront - When checked, applies markdowns from Liberty to items in Storefront.

Display Active Auctions in Storefront - When checked, displays all eBay items, both Buy It Now and Auctions.

Item Entry Options

Create Listings for New Web Items - Automatically creates listings for new items entered into Inventory Module with the Web Item checkbox checked.  These entries are then pushed up to your selected Marketplace.

Note:Automatically created eBay listings will not push up to eBay until after they are modified and set to go up in Listing Manager.

Marketplace - Specifies which marketplaces to create listings for in listing manager when the Create Listings For New Web Items box is checked.  

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