Markdowns Overview

Some stores reduce the price of items if they do not sell within a certain time frame. Some stores mark items down by hand, others use color coded price tags and require the sales clerk to reduce the selling price at the checkout counter.

Enabling Automatic Markdowns eliminates the need for the sales clerk to enter the reduced price for each item when it sells. It also allows Markdown Tags to be printed. These Markdown Tags indicate both the date of the price reduction and the new price. The result of using Automatic Markdowns is that when an item is posted as sold, the sales clerk is not required to change the price by using Change Post or Sale Post. this can lead to greater accuracy and faster sales transactions.

There are two types of Automatic Markdowns:

1.Markdown By Time Period : Use Markdowns by Time Period when you wish to automatically markdown the price of items based on time frame.  To use Markdowns by Time Period the Price Code that this Markdown schedule is assigned to item(s).

2.Markdown By Tag Color : Use Tag Color Markdowns when you wish to automatically markdown the price of items based on calendar dates.   To use Tag Color Markdowns a tag color must be assigned to item(s). The Tag Color field in the Item Entry window serves this purpose. See the section entitled The Item Entry Window for more information.

Note: By default, Automatic Markdowns are not specified for any Price Codes. Different Price Codes may utilize different Automatic markdown conventions (i.e. some can markdown by time period, others by tag color).

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