Linking the iPad Kiosk App to Liberty

This documentation covers how to link your iPad to the Liberty Kiosk App

Here is a video on the following information:

Linking the iPad Kiosk App To Liberty Video

1.Click the Setup button, then click Liberty Mobile Admin

2.Click the Maintain Authorized Devices button.

3.Sign in as an Admin account and then click Add Device.

4.Type in the Device Name.
It is a good idea to number the devices if you have more than one.

5.Get your iPad and then tap the LibertyKiosk app.

6.Tap the Scan QR Setup button.

7.Next, we will use the QR Code currently on your PC screen to fill in the details we need on your iPad.

a.Note the QR Code that is on your Computer Screen.

b.On your iPad, your camera should be displaying on the middle of the screen. Point the back facing camera at the QR code on your Computer Screen.

c.Tap the entry for In Store that appears on your iPad .

d.Click the OK button on your computer screen.

8.You may see a message telling you that the “Liberty Kiosk” app would like to find and connect to devices on your local network.  Go ahead and tap the OK button.

9.The data will be automatically inputted into the proper fields from the QR Code, simply tap the Register button.

Note: The data in the Server and Key fields in the picture below is example data.

10.Tap the OK button when you see the Device Registered prompt.

11.Tap the Advanced Settings button on the iPad. 

12.Tap the OK button when prompted with “Liberty Kiosk” would like to Access the Camera.

13.You can set the Liberty Kiosk App’s advanced settings.

a.Biometrics Not Allowed: If there are no biometrics enabled on the iDevice, then this option will automatically be set and grayed out.  If your iDevice is enrolled in either Face ID or Touch ID, this option will be replaced with the appropriate biometric method and will allow you to turn it off or on.

b.Clear Cache: Use this to clear all the cached images from the device.  This is useful for if an image is not showing up correctly, or if it is showing an old image.  

c.Allow Login With App: Will allow your customers to log in using their Consignor Login App on their iDevice.

d.Consignor Login Camera: Sets whether the default camera mode for Consignor Login App scan uses the Front or Rear facing camera on your iPad.

e.Tag Scanning Camera: Sets whether the default camera mode for Tag Scanning uses the Front or Rear facing camera on your iPad.

f.Test Scan: Allows you to scan one of your tags to verify your iPad has the necessary optics to scan item barcodes properly.

g.Click the Done button when you are finished.

14.Tap the green Done button.

15.When you get prompted Would you like to leave the setup mode?, tap the Leave button.

The Liberty Kiosk App on your iPad is not linked to Liberty.  You now must now setup your Configuration to show what you would like to display in the Kiosk App.  

This is definitely the case if you see the image below after you tap the Leave button.

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You are now ready to add a new Liberty Kiosk App Configuration.

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