The Importance of Consistency

To get the greatest benefit from using Liberty, an important concept which should be understood is that of consistency when entering item information. One of the reasons for maintaining consistency is that there are several quite useful methods for looking up particular items based upon their descriptions. These include:

1.When an item has no tag and it must be identified in order to credit the correct consignor with a sale.

2.For fulfilling customer requests logged in the Wish List. (When a customer cannot find an item, and asks to be notified when such an item becomes available, the request is recorded in the Wish List. By cross referencing requests recorded in the wish list with items actually on file at a later date, customers and items can be matched to one another, generating both increased sales and customer appreciation).

In order for the system to be able to find the consignor of a particular item based on the description of the item, or to effectively cross reference a wish list item, there must be as much consistency as possible when entering items into inventory. Why is this?

Although a human being understands that the abbreviated phrase Grn Shor means Green Shorts, a computer cannot make such a distinction when other items are described with fully spelled out words.

What everyone entering information needs to do is use to the exact same format in terms of spelling for describing and labeling items.

Since no two people are alike, and people are naturally forgetful (making them all too human), drop-downs and pop-up windows have been included in this program to help solve the problem of consistency. Besides adding a great deal of consistency, another positive benefit of drop-downs and pop-ups is they have the capability to dramatically increase the speed with which information is entered into the system. There is no doubt that the increased consistency and efficiency gained from using drop-downs and pop-ups is highly beneficial to the bottom line.

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