Resaleworld Registration

In order to enable Resaleworld ecommerce solutions, E-Receipts, Liberty Mobile or Consignor login, you must enter in an Account name and an Authorization Code.

This information will be provided to you within a Welcome Email upon signing up for one of the above services.

Please contact Resaleworld for more details.

To enter in the Resaleworld Registration Information

1.Go to Setup > Options.

2.Login if prompted to do so.

3.From the Menu options select Resaleworld Registration.


Account : This information will be provided by Resaleworld and needed to make your synchronization work.

Authorization Code : A unique code required to complete the registration.

Enable Consignor Data Synch (Check Box) : Enable this check box to synchronize consignor data.

4.Press the Validate Account button once you have entered all the registration information.

If you entered everything correctly, you will see the following message. Press the OK button.

5.Select the OK button again when done.