Keyboard Shortcuts

In Liberty there are many shortcuts you can use to speed up the data entry process by using the keyboard in place of the mouse.

Keys For Menus And Buttons

You can use the keyboard to select any menu command on the menu bar or to select buttons in windows or dialog boxes. Press the <Alt> key and then press the letter that is underlined in the menu name or on the button name that contains the command you want.

Example: To select the File menu in Liberty Inventory or Liberty Point of Sale, press the F key while holding down the <Alt> key..

Liberty Inventory Tabs

Within an account you can move from tab to tab by pressing the left and the right arrow keys.

Function And Shortcut Keys In Liberty Inventory

To speed data entry Liberty Inventory contains many function key shortcuts. These shortcuts eliminate the need to use the mouse every time information is entered. The action of each function key varies depending on the field:

F2 in the Category field Displays the Select Category dialog.

F2 in the Attributes fields Displays the Add Attribute Value dialog.

F2 in the Description field Displays the Description Lookup dialog.

F3 in the Price field Displays the Pricing History of the Item.

F3 in the Weight (lbs) field Displays the Shipping dialog.

Function And Shortcut Keys In Liberty Point Of Sale

Liberty PoS is mouse-less! It has been designed to require no use of the keyboard to transact sales. All of the following keyboard shortcuts show on screen to aid you as you learn and use Liberty PoS.

F1 Liberty Help File (Help is also available from Liberty Inventory and Liberty Reports by pressing F1.)

F2 Easy Post.

F3 Change Post.

F4 Sale Post.

F5 Refund.

F6 Add a fee to a sale.

F7 Delivery

F9 Lookup a client's account.

F10 Finish (complete) transaction.

C Cash (when accepting payment).

K Check (when accepting payment).

O Coupon

U Look up custom number for an item

Esc In Liberty Inventory, <Esc> stops item entry. In Liberty PoS, <Esc> cancels the Sale.

Ctrl+T Make sale tax exempt.

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