How To Enter Sales Faster

Entering sales into most computer program is a keyboard centric operation. The less you have to use the mouse, the better!

The good news is that the Point of Sale (and the Inventory Entry process) in Liberty are designed to be Mouseless. You will dramatically speed the rate at which sales are entered by avoiding use of the mouse and by using other techniques described below.

Use These Tips And Tricks To Shortcut Your Way Through The Point Of Sale Sales Process

1.Press the Function Keys (F Keys) on the keyboard instead of using the mouse to click on on-screen buttons.

Examples: Press the <F3> key instead of clicking on the Change Post button.

2.Use the Keyboard Letter Shortcuts instead of using the mouse to navigate through menu options.

Example: Use the <Ctrl> <T> keyboard combination to make a sale tax exempt, instead of using the mouse to navigate to the Tax Exempt button on the side.

3.Use a Barcode Reader to scan price tags. Barcode Readers are both faster and more accurate than entering account numbers and item numbers by hand.

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