Marketplace Options

Controls the settings for Sales Tax State active marketplaces in Listing Manager, as well as the display color, default template, and the surcharge for each marketplace.

Sales Tax State: Charges sales tax for online sales within the selected state, does not charge tax for sales outside the selected state.

Marketplace: The online sales site

Edit: Opens the Maintain Marketplace window for the highlighted Marketplace.

Maintain Marketplace

Double-Clicking on any of the Marketplace Options will open the following window:


Default Surcharge: The percentage added to the price when listing an item in a given Marketplace

Default Template: Allows you to select which template you would like to use when creating shopify listings.

Note:These templates can include showing a markdown schedule for items using a markdown schedule and removing attributes or the category from appearing in the item description.

Synchronize Item Price: When this is checked, if a price is updated on a listing under the designated marketplace, it will also update the price of the item in the inventory module.

Note:As this is marketplace specific, when this box is checked, this simply disables the price field on the listing of the marketplace specified.

Active: When checked, the Marketplace will be set to Active. When unchecked, the Marketplace is not active.

Color Panel: Selects the color used to mark transactions for this Marketplace

More Colors…: Opens a color window with options to set custom colors

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