Choosing a Rewards Plan System

Liberty has two types of Reward Plan Systems

In-Store Rewards System

The basic In-Store Rewards system is available to all Liberty users. This type of plan is set up from Point of Sale, and all reward tracking is stored within the Liberty database. For stores with multiple locations, In-Store Rewards are specific to the location where they’re earned. An internet connection is not required for In-Store Reward Plans. In-Store rewards have no marketing functionality. For points to be earned and redeemed properly, a Customer must be selected in Point of Sale. The Select Customer window will display the number of Reward Points when a customer is highlighted. Once a customer is selected, the customer information line at the top of PoS will display this information. Points can either be redeemed for a flat dollar amount , or members can be set up to earn a percentage off of all sales once a set amount of points have been earned.

See Set Up an In-Store Reward Plan for more information on how set this option up.

Resale Rewards

A more advanced rewards system that allows customers to use an app to get discounts in multiple participating businesses. No contracts, monthly fees, or upfront cost. Customers earn points and then cash the points in at any participating Resale Rewards location.

The Resale Rewards App offers Customers the following conveniences:

Find : Quickly locate stores to view directions and contact info.

Loyalty : Keep track of your loyalty reward coupons.

Favorites : Save the shops you love and view them all in one place.

Messages : Receive special offers, notices, event updates and more!

Rewards : View the coupon rewards you have earned.

Profile : Update your profile and check-in settings.

For more details contact Resaleworld.

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