Welcome & Thank You!

Welcome to Liberty REACT, the world's most advanced software designed exclusively for consignment and resale stores!

As part of the latest in a line of software dating back to 1992, Liberty REACT continues to represent Resaleworld's philosophy that the software products should be inexpensive as well as powerful.  Liberty REACT is a truly state of the art software, yet remains both user friendly and supremely flexible.

Combine Resaleworld's philosophy with Liberty REACT many new features, commands, and functions and you will see that Liberty REACT is an indispensable tool for consignment and resale operations. There is no doubt that the level of sophistication found in Liberty REACT is a requirement for any serious consignment store owner in today's competitive market.

Rest assured that our involvement with you does not stop once you purchase Liberty REACT. Resaleworld offers technical support to help if you encounter issues installing the software and solve problems if they arise. We have a host of training materials such as this Liberty Web Help , library of videos, message board articles, webinars, in-house and on-site training programs available to help you utilize the program to its fullest potential. Price tags, labels, computer checks and other supplies are available at very competitive prices from Resaleworld, as are computer peripherals such as price tag printers and Point of Sale equipment.

As you use Liberty REACT, you will probably have ideas on how we may improve it. We consider your ideas and suggestions on our product and services crucial to the future development of Liberty REACT. Please contact us at any time - we love feedback!

To conclude, we at Resaleworld are pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with an exceptional software program, and thank you for your patronage. We look forward to working with you in the future!


The Resaleworld Team