Third Party Printer Support

Resaleworld offers the Printer Driver Utility as a free resource to assist with printers known to work with Liberty.

Please visit the following document for step by step instructions on how to install the Printer Driver Utility:

Installing The Printer Driver Utility

Tech Support Third Party Printer Policy

Printers tested and shipped out by Resaleworld are confirmed to work with our software.

The Resaleworld Support Department will help install any printer that is purchased from us as long as they are compatible with the Current Windows Operating System.

If the printer is not in the Printer Driver Utility list then it will more than likely not work with the Liberty software.

You can attempt to install your Third Party Printer printer with the instructions provided by the Printer Driver Utility
If you are unable to get your Third Party Printer working, you may contact the support department at 1-800-785-4800 from which a fee will be accessed to install the printer.

USB Network Sharing Printers

The USB printers are designed to connect directly to a single computer.

We recommend that you purchase USB printers when you plan

to only use each one on a single computer.

Network sharing any USB printer is highly unreliable.

Receiving a windows update or even rebooting a computer has been shown to break printing capabilities when a USB printer is being shared to more than

one computer. Attempting to get support for network printer sharing also ends up being very costly because of the frequency of

issues and each separate issue is charged case by case.

Resaleworld does not support the network sharing of any USB printer, we will instead recommend that you get an Ethernet variation of the printer.

Please visit the following article for more information:

Networking Printers