Sync Errors Tab Overview

The Sync Errors tab in the Liberty REACT Listing Manager is where you can view any Sync Errors that may have occurred when uploading with your online listings, as well as clear the list when they have all been addressed for ease of viewing.

Viewing the Sync Errors Tab

1.To view the Sync Errors tab, in the Liberty REACT Inventory Module click the Listing Manager option in the top right of the window.

2.Then, in the Liberty REACT Listing Manager, click the Sync Errors tab in the main part of the window. This will be preceded by a number, which signifies the number of Sync Errors that are currently listed.

3.This will then display an itemized list of any Sync Errors that have occurred when uploading to your online listings.

Viewing A Sync Error’s Referenced Item

1.To view the item a Sync Error is referencing, in the Sync Errors tab of the Liberty REACT Listing Manager, double-click the desired sync error in the list of sync errors.

This function only applies to Sync Errors with a Kind of “Listing”.

2.This will then open the item the Sync Error is in reference to in a new tab in Listing Manager.

Clearing the Sync Errors Tab

1.Once you have reviewed and addressed any sync errors that appear in the Sync Errors tab, you can clear the list of sync errors. To do this, in the Sync Errors tab,  click the Clear Errors button in the top left corner of the tab.

2.Then, the Sync Errors tab will be cleared of all past logged sync errors.

Refreshing the Sync Errors Tab

To display the most recent list of sync errors, you can refresh the Sync Error tab. To do this, in the top right corner of the Sync Errors tab, click the Refresh button.

This will then refresh the list with the most recent errors, if any.