Tags are not lined up when they print

How to perform a Zebra Printer Memory Dump:

When a different roll of tags is placed into a Thermal Tag printer (i.e., Jewelry Tags instead of Regular Tags, etc.) then the printer will need to be "calibrated" so it can "learn" about this new roll of tags. This procedure is called a Memory Dump. To perform this, follow the steps below:

1.Power the Thermal Printer off

2.Open the lid, switch out the roll of tags, then close the lid

3.With the power still OFF, press and hold the green feed button on the top of the printer

4.While continuing to hold this green button, flip the power-switch to "On"

5.As soon as the printer powers on, the light under the green button will start to flash red - let go AS SOON AS YOU SEE THE LIGHT TURN RED, do NOT continue holding it

6.The light will eventually turn to solid green

7.The printer will now start advancing blank tags out

8.Once the printer prints a small amount of printer configuration information, the printer will stop advancing tags

9.Press (and release) the green feed button once more - the printer may advance a few more blank tags

You have just completed the Memory Dump procedure.

If your printer will not advance tags, goes to a solid red light or a solid amber light, try the above steps again. If you are still experiencing issues with tag printing after this, contact Resaleworld.com Technical Support via (888) 229-0096.