Remote Support

The following download is a safe and secure remote program that will allow your Resaleworld technician to remotely access your computer in order to better serve you and assist with any supported software and/or hardware issues you may be experiencing.

This download will install an instance of Teamviewer, a third-party remote access program on your computer. You may be prompted to run or save the download as well as allow the Teamviewer program to make changes on your computer.
Please choose save and yes to allow the download to properly install on your machine.

Teamviewer For PC

When the remote program is run, you will be provided with an ID and password that you will need to read off to your Resaleworld technician before they can access your computer remotely:

Download Resaleworld Teamviewer Quick Support

Take Control For PC

When you are on the phone with a support technician, they may prompt you to download this alternate quick support applet:

Download RSW Quick Support Take Control Applet

Teamviewer For Mac

If you are on an Apple Macintosh computer, you will need to download the following applet instead:

Download Resaleworld Teamviewer Quick Support For Mac