Exporting Payouts to QuickBooks and Quicken

Liberty is designed to handle inventory control and point of sale. Because client payouts are intimately connected to inventory control, Liberty handles this aspect of accounting. But because accounting is a realm unto itself, Liberty leaves the more extensive accounting to other programs.

Quicken® and QuickBooks® are designed specifically to handle accounting functions. They both give tremendous power and flexibility and both provide exceptional service. We recommend using QuickBooks as opposed to Quicken, because it is far more suited for use by small businesses. Quicken is designed to be a personal finance program, not a business accounting program.

There are three options Resaleworld offers. Send payouts to Quicken, send payouts to QuickBooks or export all information to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Links Module

Liberty exports all financial information such as Fees, Tax Codes, Payouts, Credit Card transactions, etc. to QuickBooks, which stores this information using General Ledger (G/L) Accounts. In order to make everything from Liberty fit into QuickBooks, you must first specify these G/L Account Names & Types in a variety of locations within the Liberty software.

Liberty will export to most versions of QuickBooks except online versions. QuickBooks and Liberty must be loaded on same computer for this process to work.

There are a few steps to using this module:

Maintain Transaction Types: by going to Setup > Maintain >Transaction Types.

Maintain Payment Accounts by going to Setup > Maintain > Payment Accounts.

Maintain Tax Codes by going to Setup > Taxes.

Maintain Fee Types from the POS HUB by going to More > Fee Types.

Note: The QuickBooks Link is a stand alone program: for purchase information please contact the Resaleworld sales department at (800)-785-4800.

QuickBooks Export

This will only export payouts to QuickBooks. To do this, go to Activities > Accounting >Export > QuickBooks.

Quicken Export

This will only export payouts to Quicken To do this, go to Activities > Accounting >Export > Quicken.