Item Description with Extended History

Displays a detailed view of every transaction for each item, organized by account. Shows summary information for each item, including Original Quantity, Quantity On-Hand, Extended Price (price on-hand) and Cost of Available goods.

The sales records include the receipt/order number if applicable, and COGS information.

When to Use

Run the report to find Cost of Goods Sold over a particular time span, or to show the current Cost of Goods On Hand.

Criteria Choices

Active Account?

Account Added By

Account Type

Account Numbers


Category 1

Category 2

Category 3


Custom 1

Custom 2

Custom 3

Custom 4

Custom 5

Date Sold Posted

Discount Type

Filter Code

Item Added By

Item Description Keyword

Item Disposition

Item Number

Item Received Date

Item Status


Market Place

Payment Date

Payment Type

Price Code

Product line

Purchase Method

Quantity On hand

Receipt Number

Sales Records

Sales Status

Selling Price

Store Section

Tag Color

Tax Code


Terminal Location

Terminal ID

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