Setting Up Fee Frequencies

Accounts may be assessed a fee on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. Examples of such fees include:

Annual Consignment Fee

Monthly Rental Fee

Setting up Fee Frequencies makes assessing fees to a large number of accounts quick and convenient.

Note: Fee Frequencies by themselves do not do much. They are essentially labels assigned to an account to make it easier to charge fees to a group of accounts. Combined with Group Deductions, Fee Frequencies become a powerful tool.

Setting Up Fee Frequencies

1.Within Liberty select Setup > Maintain > Fee Frequencies.

The Maintain Fee Frequencies Dialogue Box will open.

2.Selecting the Add button or the Edit button will open the details of the Fee Frequency. Selecting the Delete button will delete the Fee Frequency.

Note: Once a Fee Frequency has been used, it cannot be deleted. You will get the following error.



Fee Frequency Details box.

3.Enter in a value for the Fee Frequency and press the OK button.

4.You should see the new fee frequency. Press the OK button when done.

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