Building Your Pricing Guide During Down Time

What is a pricing guide and why do you want one?

Great question! A pricing guide is a feature of your software that displays pricing suggestions during item entry. One of the slowest portions of the item entry process is determining what price to use.

You know you have cases where the pricing person has to stop and ask a co-worker's opinion, or where they have to go online to perform research. This is especially true for a newer employee. Reducing the number of times this has to happen makes a huge difference in productivity.

Great, so why doesn't everyone have a pricing guide? It takes time to set up properly. There's a lot of data entry involved. The can certainly be research involved.

With a store shut down due to unforeseen issues, we obviously have a situation where many of us are going to have more time (both our own and our employees') than we know what to do with. Using some of that time to set up a pricing guide can pay long-term dividends.

Here is some information on how to setup a Pricing Guide in Liberty REACT:

Pricing Guide Overview
Pricing Guide Setup


Russell Levy \ Senior Product Manager