Appearance Options

Use these settings to customize the way Liberty looks.

To change the Appearance Options:

1.From within the Inventory Module, select Setup > Options.

2.Login if prompted.

3.Select Appearance.

Show Account List at Startup : Will display the account list when the software opens.

Show Legacy Totals On Account-Inventory : Shows the totals of the items in the Inventory list.

Count : Total count of individual line items. Does not include quantities.

Total Price : Total Price of all the individual line items. Does not include quantities.

Total Last Sale : Shows the last total of sales of items from this account.

Total Last Net : Shows the last total net from sales of items from this account.


Show Dashboard At Startup : Will display the welcome screen which displays your Widgets when the Inventory Software Opens. See Widgets Overview for more details.

Show Wallpaper on the Dashboard : Selecting this will show a wall paper on the Dashboard behind the widgets

Wallpaper Settings :

Tile Image : Will tile the image across the Dashboard.

Make Image gray Scale : This option changes the Wallpaper to gray coloring.

Show Resaleworld News on the Dashboard : Selecting this option will display the Resaleworld news on the Dashboard.

Application Theme : Select the drop down and choose and application theme. This will change the overall appearance of Liberty.

Select a theme, and a preview of the theme will be displayed in the box.

Note: By default Liberty uses the Windows Theme and there is no preview for this. All other themes have a preview option.

4.Press the OK button when done.

Note: For Theme changes to take affect, Liberty must be closed and restarted.

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