An Important Term To Know: Default

Computers have brought a lot of new words and new definitions of old words into the English language. Unfortunately many of them are cryptic, especially ones based on acronyms like RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory.

One of the beauties of the English language though is its flexibility and adaptability. Which brings us to our favorite computer term, and one we would like you to remember:


The definition of Default is:

An assumption the computer makes unless given instructions to the contrary.

Why is this important? Because it saves a LOT of time when the defaults are set properly in a computer program. For instance, if most of your clients are paid by check, why select check every time you pay a client? Setting the Default Payment Type to check will make the system do it for you automatically.

As you go through this Tutorial, as well as the Manual and Online Help, you will see a lot of attention paid to defaults, because properly setting defaults will make learning and using Liberty much easier for new users and much faster for all users.

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