Ability To Show Expire Items Prompt if Price Sold Is Over Threshold

This feature allows you to better control when the Expire Items prompt is shown. When set, if the selling price is under threshold (and after expiration date), sold items always expire.  If the selling price is over threshold, the cashier is prompted whether or not they want the item to expire.

Setting the Item Expiration Threshold

To set up the Item Expiration Threshold, first go to the Liberty POS > Moreā€¦ > Setup.

1.Then in the Setup dialog, go to Posting Defaults.

2.Then to enable the Item Expiration Threshold, click the option for Show Prompt if Price Sold is over X.

3.In the text box, enter the threshold that sold items will automatically Expire, and only show a prompt to Expire them if above.

Example: If we set this to 20.00, then all sold items priced $19.99 and below will automatically expire when sold. Additionally, all items priced $20.00 or higher will prompt as to if they should be Expired or not.

For more information on the POS settings, please visit the following article:

Setting Up POS Defaults