Item Sales With User Fields Report

This report shows any values entered into the custom fields for inventory, in addition to basic information about the item. The report includes a subtotal and grand total for each of the custom fields. If the value entered is a valid number, it will be included in the totals. However, if the value is text or a date, it will be ignored.

When to Use

Use this report to see a listing of values entered into the Custom Fields for Items. This is the only report to display these values.

Criteria Choices

Active Account?

Account Type

Account Numbers

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3


Custom 1

Custom 2

Custom 3

Custom 4

Custom 5

Date Sold Posted

Discount Type

Filter Code

Item Disposition

Item Received Date

Item Status


Price Code

Product line

Purchase Method

Selling Price

Store Section

Terminal Location

Terminal ID

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